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How do we work?

GRANTS for memories or funerals

Children need to build positive memories with their parent before they enter the end-of-life phase of their illness. Derek's Place provides grants of up to $1,000 to assist families in creating magical moments together.

For families who have not used our grants to make memories, we offer $1,000 towards funeral costs so that children can farewell their parent with dignity.

Any hospital or facility providing end-of-life palliative care in a clinical setting can order care packs for children under 13 years old whose parent is being cared for. We will also provide a pack for the patient's carer.

Derek's Place partners with families, healthcare professionals, social workers, and palliative care providers to offer grants that enable families to create lasting memories or to assist with funeral expenses.

We also collaborate with palliative care facilities to distribute bespoke care packages for children facing the challenge of a parent's end-of-life phase of their illness in a hospital or hospice environment. The packs are designed to promote meaningful interactions with their parent. They also provide engaging, quiet, age-appropriate activities to make prolonged visits in these settings more bearable.

Additionally, we provide a special package for primary caregivers, enhancing their comfort at a very difficult time.


Advocate for ongoing improvements to the services and support for young families who are experiencing a parent with life-limiting illness.

Our team

Natasha Welsh

Chief Executive Officer

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Ken Welsh Profile
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Ken Welsh



Rachel Brittliff

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Daisy Wu


Dr Milita Zaheed

Medical Community Representative



Just after celebrating his 34th birthday in 2017, our beloved Derek was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. We were crushed.

After the diagnosis, our family made the most of every moment with Derek. Then, in May 2019, we were told that Derek had entered the terminal phase of his illness.

Around two weeks before Derek died, Natasha and Derek relocated to a nearby palliative care facility. She had to choose between staying by Derek’s side at night or ensuring Cristian had the comfort of a parent at home. The palliative care facility didn't allow children to stay overnight.

Their experience was the inspiration for Derek's Place. Our goal is to build a place where families can remain together in the terminal phase of a parent's illness.

Until then, we’re dedicated to easing the journey for others through memory-making grants and assistance with funeral expenses. Also, by providing care packs that bring a touch of home to children in clinical settings. Derek’s legacy lives on through our work.

Derek making memories
Derek making memories
Derek and Son in park
Derek and Son in park
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