Join Our Volunteer Team: Empower Lives at Derek's Place

Share your time, skills, and passion to make a meaningful difference

Volunteer with Us: Impact Lives at Derek's Place

Join Derek's Place as a volunteer and play a crucial role in supporting families facing terminal illness. Our volunteers are essential, helping with everything from daily operations to fundraising events like 'Trivia Night and Auction – Sports and Sparkles', Bunnings BBQs, and awareness campaigns. Your contribution, whether behind the scenes or front and centre, directly enhances the well-being and support of the families we serve.

Embrace the opportunity to make a meaningful difference, connect with your community, and be part of a compassionate team dedicated to bringing comfort and joy to those in need. Your journey with Derek's Place promises to be rewarding, offering you personal growth and the fulfilment that comes from giving back.

Explore Diverse Volunteer Opportunities

Dive into a range of volunteering roles at Derek's Place, each offering a unique way to contribute your talents and time. Whether you're passionate about event planning, community outreach, or hands-on support, there's a place for you in our team. Here's a glimpse of how you can get involved

Event Planning and Fundraising

Bring your creativity and organizational skills to our annual 'Trivia Night and Auction – Sports and Sparkles', assist with Bunnings BBQs, or help coordinate our 'Shave-for-a-Cure' and 'Walk for a Cure' events.


Play a pivotal role in expanding our reach by liaising with palliative care facilities and other supporting organizations, ensuring that more families learn about the support Derek's Place offers.


Behind every successful initiative is a strong operational team. From administrative tasks to helping with day-to-day activities, your efforts keep our mission moving forward.

Every volunteer brings something special to our organization, and we're excited to explore how your skills and passions can align with our needs. Join us to create a positive impact and experience the joy of giving back to families during their most challenging times.

"Volunteering at Derek's Place has been an incredibly rewarding experience. It's more than just giving time; it's about making real connections and seeing the tangible impact of our work on families going through unimaginably tough times. Whether I'm helping at a fundraiser or supporting behind the scenes, I know every effort contributes to a greater cause. It's a privilege to be part of a community that's so dedicated to spreading joy and support where it's needed most."
--- Jordan Taylor, Volunteer at Derek's Place

How to get involved

Ready to make a difference with Derek's Place? Getting involved is simple. Visit our LinkedIn Jobs page to explore the variety of available volunteer roles, complete the volunteer interest form, or contact us directly to discuss how your skills and passions can best contribute to our mission.

Join us today and be part of a community dedicated to comforting and supporting families in their time of need.