Comforting Young Hearts: Supporting families with thoughtful activities in times of need

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Our Care Packs

Unpacking Comfort and Creativity

Each care pack is filled with a carefully curated selection of activities and items designed to support children through their time at a palliative care facility. From art supplies that encourage expression without the mess, to quiet games and puzzles that captivate attention, our packs cater to different age groups ensuring that every child can find something to engage with. Items are selected based on research into age-appropriate activities that not only keep noise to a minimum but also provide therapeutic benefits, helping children to express their emotions and find comfort during a challenging time.

What's inside our care packs

Derek’s Place has designed age-specific care packs that can be distributed to palliative care facilities or hospitals.

Age 0-2

Age 3-4

Age 5-6

Age 7-8 Girls

Age 9-10 Girls

Age 11-13 Girls

Age 7-8 Boys

Age 9-10 Boys

Age 11-13 Boys

Enhancing Family Support:

Why Partner with Derek's Place

Partnering with Derek's Place charity offers palliative care facilities a unique opportunity to extend additional support to families navigating the complexities of end-of-life care. This collaboration brings together Derek's Place's expertise in crafting age-appropriate care packs with the compassionate care framework of palliative facilities. By integrating these care packs into your facility's offerings, you can provide a tangible form of support that directly addresses the emotional and practical needs of children and their families during their stay.

The benefits of partnering with Derek's Place include:

  • Access to Customised Care Packs: Tailored to meet children's specific age-related and emotional needs, helping them cope better with their environment and the situation at hand.

  • Comprehensive Support for Families: By offering resources that cater to children's well-being, facilities can alleviate some of the stress on families, ensuring a more comfortable and supportive atmosphere for everyone involved.

  • Enhanced Reputation and Community Relations: Demonstrating a commitment to holistic care strengthens your facility's reputation as a leader in compassionate palliative care, fostering positive relationships within the community and with healthcare partners.

Joining forces with Derek's Place allows your facility to make a significant impact on the quality of care provided to families during their most challenging moments. Learn how your facility can become a partner and start making a meaningful difference today.

How to Request a Care Pack for Your PATIENTS FAMILY

  • Any facility that has a patient who is a parent of a child 13 years old or younger, and is in out-of-home care for end-of-life palliative care.

Accessing our care packs is straightforward and compassionate. Families entering palliative care, or the professionals supporting them, can request a care pack directly through our website or by contacting us via phone or email. A simple form captures essential information, ensuring that we deliver a pack that’s age-appropriate and meets the family's needs. Our aim is to provide these packs with minimal delay, offering support from the moment a family steps into a palliative care setting.