Suzie's Story

Suzie and her three children lost their husband/father, Mick, to brain cancer in 2019. Although Suzie and Mick had planned to spend their last days in palliative care, she found once she was there that she needed her children and the family to be together, so she and Mick moved home.


2/1/20201 min read

Suzie lost her husband, Mick, to brain cancer in 2019. They had three children, all aged under ten years old at the time. Initially, Suzie wanted to spend Mick's last days with him in a palliative care facility, but almost as soon as they got there, it felt like the wrong decision. Her three children had nothing to do and nowhere to play, and they had to go home for a night. Suzie was torn between being with them or spending the last precious days with her husband. This is her story.